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About Dr Luis Maracha

Dr Maracha's mission is to provide the best medical service and to make a positive difference to the health of his patients.

Dr Maracha (as he is known to his patients) is a medical doctor who graduated at the University of Habana, Cuba in 1989. He then obtained his South African Independent Practice (GP) qualification from the University of Natal (Medical School) in Aug 2003. He has extensive experience (26 years) as a family doctor- the first 6 years in Cuba as a family physician and 20 years in the South African public health system as a general practitioner. For the last ten years he was the head of the maternity ward at Groblersdal Hospital.

The doctor’s approach: Dr Maracha is a warm and welcoming doctor, who pays attention to detail. He takes time to explain his patient's diagnosis and how it should be managed.

Dr Maracha, assists in surgery twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 9:30, laprascopy surgery and gynaecology.

The practice is still open on these days.

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